New Net Frequencies

The monthly net is moving to Burton Brink’s (N6USO) repeater. This repeater is linked to two others. Please program your radios and test your programming before the net.

Primary Frequency: 145.440– 136.5 – Sunset Ridge

Alternate Frequency: 449.880– 146.2 – Sunset Ridge

Alternate Frequency: 445.480– 131.8 – Santa Anita Ridge (above Arcadia)

Please join us for the net!



Honda VTX 1800 Install

Last month I wrote about my “new” VTX 1800.   At that time I was just trying to do the minimum to be able to support the MS-150 coming up later in the month.   To that end I just ran power and antenna to the front of the bike and mounted my old FT-90 (what’a trooper!) on the handlebars and ran a speaker wire to my helmet or a separate headset. I did all that and was ready to go. However…

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