Install: Icom IC-2730 on a Victory Vegas

I have a 2m/440 mobile radio on my Victory Vegas. I enjoy using it for public service at athletic events and chatting with my riding companions.

The radio rides behind the saddle. To mate with existing bolt holes in the rear subframe, I made a model bracket out of aluminum flashing, translated that to a working drawing and paid a local metal shop to fabricate it from sheet steel. The bracket is connected by four rubber vibration isolators to a watertight aluminum project box, mounted upside down with the radio inside and a whip antenna on top. The radio control head rides up front in a tank bag, with a Sena SR10 and a homemade adapter. The Sena PTT button is under my left thumb, and I have a Sena 20S headset in my helmet. The headset communicates via Bluetooth, so there are no wires to forget to unplug when I dismount.

The adapter in the tank bag isolates the mic ground of the Icom IC-2730A radio from the Sena SR10’s single ground for mic and PTT. It also contains a speaker and a mic socket, so I can operate when stationary without wearing my helmet. The adapter connects to the Sena SR10 via Sena’s cable for a Baofeng or Kenwood HT. (I use the same cable with a Baofeng HT, when on foot.)

Radio power comes direct from the motorcycle battery, via ATC fuses in inline holders, a Powerpole connector under the saddle, some 12 gauge stranded wire, a watertight switch underneath the project box and another Powerpole connector at the radio. The project box is connected to the negative power wire, but not the motorcycle frame.

Since MARC warned me about antenna breakage, I chose a Pulse/Larsen NMO2/70B whip, whose middle coil is formed from the whip rod. It has held up so far. But the first time I took the rig on a long ride, I arrived with no whip! Vibration loosened the set screws that fasten it to the base coil, and the whole whip bounced out. It’s somewhere in Oakland, I guess. I replaced the whip and put Loctite on the set screws, and I haven’t lost the second one yet!

If you’d like to know more, contact me at

2018-04 KM6LQZ Front
2018-04 KM6LQZ Inside
2018-04 KM6LQZ Outside
2018-04 KM6LQZ Tank Bag Closed
2018-04 KM6LQZ Tank Bag Open

2018-04 KM6LQZ Icom Headset Adapter

3 thoughts on “Install: Icom IC-2730 on a Victory Vegas”

  1. That Pulse/Larsen antenna is pretty darn tough. At one point the bike fell over and bent the whip about 45 degrees right at the base. I removed the whip from the base coil, bent it straight (which took a fair amount of muscle), put it back and it’s worked fine since.


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