Member Spotlights (Tentative)

We currently have members all over the country and outside the US. The organization was founded in Southern California but we have, or have had, members in all the following places:

Arkansas; Arizona; California; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Indiana; Illinois; Maryland; Minnesota; Mississippi; Nevada; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Texas; Washington; Alberta, Canada; Quebec, Canada; England; Beirut, Lebanon.

Currently we have active members in 14 states and Canada.

Member Spotlights:

  • Mark Kanzler
  • John Beckwith
  • Carlos Varon
  • Tim Lindstrom
  • John Kristian
  • Jerome Istin

ICOM IC-2730A on a Kawasaki Concours – KG5GIV

I have been a Motorcycle Marshal for the Houston MS-150 for four years now. And one of the requirements to accomplish this mission is to become a Licensed HAM Radio Operator and carry a HAM Radio with you during the rides.

As I saw during my training rides several Marshals struggling with their portable rig, and following the example of several other Marshals, I decided to install an ICOM IC-2730A on my bike at that time, a Yamaha FZ1, allowing me to have 50 Watts on transmission and an always visible (and of decent size) radio dashboard.

But because of the limited place I had on the bike (compared to a Gold Wing), I wanted to have the radio connected wirelessly to my SENA S20, so I bought a SENA SR-10, which is exactly made for that use.

That’s where my “problems” started. I then realized that, because the connection on the 2730 are made through a RJ45 socket there is no “cable” that would allow the connection between the Radio and the SR-10.

Since I did a little bit of “electronics”, as a hobby, when I was a kid (read I can make a decent soldering job between two wires), I decided to create my own connection box. And after several tries and mistakes, including destroying the circuitry of a SR-10, I came with that (monster) box, with cables connected together with zip-ties and shrinkable wrap to try to get them together despite vibrations…

That solution proved to be unreliable most of the time with bad connections or not working at all…

I tried other solutions, including the add-on of the UT-133 Bluetooth card in the ICOM, but that came with other issues. Most importantly the fact that once the Radio was turned on, the SENA S20 would become dedicated to that input only (no more Music, intercom, GPS instructions, …)

So, I continued my search for the “grail”, a cable that would allow the connection between the two units, without success, until I stumbled on the write-up of our own MARC’s John Kristian “Install: Icom IC-2730 on a Victory Vegas”. John had exactly the same equipment I own and was able to achieve the goal I was going for in a very elegant homemade solution (see his write up here: (Ed. – Here’s the schematic.)

I let it sink in as I was still looking, in parallel, to a more “manufactured” solution, even if it would come at the cost of changing my equipment all together.

Fast forward until couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to let go the FZ1 and bought a friend’s Kawasaki Concours to give me more “room to breathe” with it comes to equipment and things to be carried on during the MS Rides.

As I needed to transfer everything from one bike to another, I decided that, this time, it would be setup exactly the way I wanted it to work, and remembering John’s solution, I decided to contact him and ask if he would build another adapter for me to resolve my on-going issue. He gladly accepted and I’d like to thank him, again, for helping me with this project.

I received the adapter on Friday, installed it and “hallelujah”… Everything works exactly has I expected! Thanks again John!

Should you have any question about my installation, please feel free to contact me @

 Should you have any question about my installation, please feel free to contact me @

Quartzfest 2019

Quartzfest 2019 was a huge success. Over 1100 people attended the 7-day event. I rented an RV and parked next to Steve K6UFX (President) of the WIN-System. I put the MARC banner on one of our Easy-Ups. We served over 65 gallons of free coffee over the week, all provided by the WIN-System. The coffee attracted people at all times, sunrise to way into the night, every day. We brought the side-by-side off-road vehicle. This was a lot of fun, gave a lot of hair-raising off-road rides including Suzzy, Gordo’s wife. Only had to stop for one rider to lose their lunch. My job was complete.

On Friday, Gordo came to the MARC tent asking if he could use our Easy-Ups, chairs and tables for people that signed up for testing. Gordo said that his easy-up’s had blown away in 30 MPH winds the day before (Probably down around Yuma by then). I said sure not a problem. At the time of testing thirty-eight people showed up for testing. We had an issue of not enough easy-ups, tables, or chairs. We moved the coffee pots and got more tables and chairs. We took up so much space that we had to move some out into the road. We were positioned right next to the registration table…huge exposure for the MARC group. I gave out 25 cards to serious people as I had a limited supply. For Yuma we are planning on a brochure to hand out to those that are interested. Next year it would be a big help if there were people to help man the booth. Four to six people would be a big help.

Scott Farthing K6IXQ
Vise President
MARC ride coordinator Tour de OC

February 2019 Meeting Wrap-up

We starting our meeting with some rain on the road, not unexpected. Still, we had 20 members attend our meeting. The new Marie Calendar’s location is working well for our group.

MARC had a presence at the recent Quartzfest event in Arizona. Scott K6IXQ put the MARC banner in the WINS booth and generated significant interest. He is going to do the same at the Yuma Hamfest.

John N6JCB  talked about a headset product from Sena. He has a Sena Bluetooth adapter on his radio for use in his helmet, but he can’t use the radio without his helmet. Sena makes a headset called the SPH-10. This is an over the head Bluetooth headset that allows him to use the radio without his helmet. Sena has a number of products to that make integrating your radios into your helmet a lot easier.

A number of MARC members are going to the Yuma Hamfest, if you’d like to plan meetups, please use the MARC list.

Upcoming Events

  • March 23, 2019 – Bike MS: Los Angeles 2019, start-finish at the Rose Bowl
  • March 30, 2019 – Tour de Cure San Diego 2019, start-finish at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (San Diego)
  • April 27, 2019 – Tour de OC, start-finish Vanguard University (Costa Mesa)

April Meeting Roundup

The MARC April meeting was held a week early as we have the Tour de Cure: San Diego on our normal day.

The big announcement this month is about our May meeting, this will be our 26th anniversary meeting. It will be held on May 12 at our regular location and time. Photos after the meeting. Let’s have a good turnout with lots of motors. Thanks in advance.

The net had only four check-ins, this was probably due to our moving to a new frequency. What are your thoughts about the frequency change? How did the new repeaters work for you?

Upcoming Events

April is going to be a busy month. We are looking for some additional motors for the TdC: San Diego. If you are available to help, please contact Jim Banks KD6REA to let him know. Please note, the original sign-up sheet was lost. If you weren’t at the April meeting, please contact Jim.

  • ADA Tour de Cure: San Diego – This ride is on Saturday 4/14. The start/finish is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. There are eight people signed up to support this event. Ride Coordinator: Jim Banks KD6REA.
    • event siteNet control will be running at 06:00, first riders leave at 07:00. Motors and SAGs should be no later than 06:30.
    • Parking passes will be required for vehicles entering during the day. Passes will be distributed at net control.
  • Tour de OC – This ride is Saturday 4/21. The start/finish is at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa. The routes are similar to last year with a 25 mile and 62 mile (metric century) route. Ride coordinator: Scott Farthing K6IXQevent site
  • Bike MS: Los Angeles – The MSLA will run on Sunday, 6/3 and will be very similar to last year. The start/finish is at the Rose Bowl. Ride coordinator: John Edward KC6ZOZ. event site
  • Other events on the calendar include Bike MS: Bay-to-Bay (MS 150) in October, ADA Tour de Cure: Los Angeles in October.

Please check the event calendar on the web site for access to current dates, times and details about nets, meetings, and events. You can also add these events to your calendar, just click the plus sign at the bottom right. View online at