Welcome to MARC…

As we move into 2023 we look forward to more riding and talking – and supporting events this coming year. Tentatively on the calendar again this year are the Bike MS: Los Angeles Coastal Challenge – June 24-25 – Santa Monica to Ventura and the Bike MS: Bay to Bay – October 14-15 – Irvine to San Diego. We’re also looking at events in Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Ga. If you’re interested in helping with these events, or just want to know more about MARC, contact us at:


In the meantime …

Our SoCal meetings are at the Marie Callender’s in Orange on Katella – 2nd Saturday of the month. Watch the MARC list for more info and check the Events calendar for details.

We also hold our monthly Net on the first Thursday of the month at 7:15pm PDT using the PAPA System which includes Echolink and other digital methods. Check back here for more information and monitor the Listserv for updates. Or join our Listserv at https://marchq.groups.io/g/main and get our notices for these meetings.

Notice – we’ve temporarily suspended dues for the indefinite future.  So check out the “Join the MARC Family” page for more information.

Thanks and stay Safe!


The Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club (or “MARC”) combines the love of motorcycle riding with the powerful capability and convenience of two-way amateur radio.  Members donate their time and effort to provide communications at selected charity events in their chapter regions. The MARC group is open to members with or without a motorcycle or a ham radio. There are many roles we provide during our events.

MARC is dedicated to providing safe and reliable two-way radio communications for our supported events. Each year, MARC members put in many hours to help raise money for various charities that we support.