Blew By You – W5JFR

Learn more about John Reynold’s (W5JFR) Kenwood install on his GL1800, Blew by You.

I mounted the Kenwood TM-700 body in the trunk, then used a RAM-Mount to place the control head on the faux gas tank.  The PTT uses the stock Honda PTT for the CB.  A Kennedy Systems Integrator is used to interface the Honda PTT the Kenwood radio as well as the Honda headset system.

2016-11-09 W5JFR Dash View
Driver View – Control head mounted for easy access
2016-11-09 W5JFR Radio in Trunk
Radio located in the trunk
2017-11-04 W5JFR Ready for Ride
Blew by You – Ready to Ride

One thought on “Blew By You – W5JFR”

  1. Ok I’m trying to get some help. I am a current member but not in the upper for chain. Trouble with my radio. I was hoping to get some help and my first thought was that there would be a link to W5FJR email on the website. I can not get my ft-8800 to key up on my wing. I can use it with a hand mike, but I spent a lot of money on Kennedy components and I’d like it to work right.
    This is Mike Rand, N7WNO from Victorville. I am unsure if I will be able to make the next meeting and although I gave done some chatting with Kennedy I was hoping I could find someone knowledgeable local to assist me. Chuck was so good at this stuff but we seem to have a big technical hole with him gone. If anyone reads this and can assist me in this matter or provide me with a contact for help. I can be reached at I’ll drive pretty much wherever to get some support. Thank you. Mike. N7WNO


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