Camera Tips and Tricks

I just received an offer from MARC member Carlos Varon K2LCV in Flushing, NY. He is a freelance photographer, motorcycle HOG rider, and HAM radio operator.

His offer:

I thought it might be nice to include simple camera tips to our members as they ride and capture those images they love to share with friends and family. If the response is favorable, I will make it a monthly contribution.

What do you think? Would you like something like this? Let me know on the Contact page.

Here is a little taste of what future articles might be like:


Tip 1 – Look for Faces

While many times you may be photographing from the back of the ride or room, try to focus on capturing faces of your subjects rather then backs. Capture that emotion!

Tip 2 – Find the Light

Always try to catch your subjects in a well lit environment, avoid photographing people when they’re heavily backlit (like windows, open doors, etc).

Tip 3 – Watch the Background

While this one can take some practice, it can pay off big. Watch for the background in your images, and try to find meaningful backdrops for your photos.

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