Benefits of Membership


The origin of the club is in Southern California and typically that group meets on the second Saturday of each month, except July. We occasionally adjust a meeting date when it conflicts with one of our events.  We have members all over the US (and beyond) and they setup their own meetings when they have enough local members.


We conduct a monthly net in the Southern California are on the Wednesday prior to the monthly meeting.   We try to have an Echolink in place so folks outside SoCal can join in.   Nets are used to disseminate club information, training, and event coordination. You are welcome to join us as a guest at any time.  We’re working on setting up a digital net as well.

Each MARC chapter conducts their own radio nets to test radio procedure, operations and member availability.


The MARC Newsletter is published 10 times per year.  Members are notified when the Newsletter is posted on the website.  And you can get to the newsletter archive here.

MARC List Server & Digest

MARC has a list server for those who want to join in on an Internet e-mail exchange.  You  will be automatically added once approved for membership.

However, to manually subscribe send an e-mail to to request access.

MARC Facebook Group

MARC maintains a private Facebook group for members to share their travels and interesting finds. We maintain a calendar of events there as well. You will be able to join once approved for membership.

Becoming a Member

Please go to the bottom of our Membership page for more information and the application.