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MARC has a List Server used to post club information, we are using Sending an email to this list broadcasts it to everyone on the list. It’s a great way to send questions, notify members of events, and share information.

You must be a club member to join the list. New members will be sent an invitation to join.

If you have questions please contact MARC or use the contact form.

In addition to being a list server, gives us a web interface so you can access old messages, reply to messages, and even create new messages. These messages are organized by the message subject so it’s easier to follow a conversation.

When you receive a message there will be several links at the bottom. Here is an example:

If you want to respond to a message you receive there are two types of responses. One goes to the group, the other goes to the sender only. In the example above, clicking on “Reply” in your email software (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) will cause your reply to be sent to the group and everyone will see it. If you want to reply only to the Sender – click on the “Reply To Sender” link at the bottom.

There are a number of links in the message footer. Here is a description of each.

  • View/Reply Online – Clicking on this like will take you to the web site where you can read the message, view responses, and reply to the message.
  • Reply to Group – Will open a window in your email software that will allow you to compose a response that will be sent to the group.
  • Reply to Sender – Will open a window in your email software that will allow you to compose a response that will be sent to only the person that sent the original message.
  • Mute This Topic – Allows you to stop receiving messages for a topic you are not interested in. For example, messages relating to a event you aren’t working. Or a project you aren’t working on.
  • New Topic – Maybe the message you are reading made you think about a question you want to ask, but it isn’t related. Using this link you can start a new topic and ask your question. Remember, topic should stay “on topic”.
  • Your Subscription – Allows you to modify your subscription. Here you can tell to send you a daily update instead of emails as they happen. You can also create your own signature (used at the bottom of messages you create), and fine tune how and when you receive messages.
  • Contact Group Owner – Allows you to send a message to the system admins. Use this if you are having problems or if you have questions about the list.
  • Unsubscribe – Allows you to leave the list altogether. If you do this you will not receive any messages from the list.

Going to the site will give you a list of all the messages that have been sent. They are organized by topic (subject line of the email) and can be searched. Using this is very much like using an email program. There us even a “chat” feature…maybe another way to check in on the net?

In addition to messages we can have files, photos, and more stored on We can even create sub-groups. For example, we could create a sub-group for each event. GPS Files and ride documents could be uploaded to the sub-group and messages would only be seen by the people supporting the event.

Here is a screen shot of the web page:

2018-07-23 Groups IO Web

Join the List

As a member, if you want to join the list either visit the website below or send email to and you will be added. Please understand, this list is for members only.

Group Website

Group Email Addresses

Special Thanks to DeWitt  Morgan KM6UK and Lewis Osborn, K7LVO for setting up & overseeing the original MARC List server. And to Michael Rickey AF6FB for establishing this new website and list server in