Hurricane Florence Monitoring

There are a number of ham stations relaying emergency information relating to hurricane Florence.

There is a streaming site setup by Ben / AI6YR that will let you listen from your browser. The URL is

Here is the original message:

Subject: [CVARCDiscussion] Hurricane Florence VoIP Net – temporarily online
Hi all, anyone curious to hear traffic from the VoIP (EchoLink/AllStar/DMR) net who isn’t otherwise connected on those networks, I’ve set up a temporary streaming server where you can listen in. Two emergency relays so far tonight via the net to local emergency responders in New Bern and Bridgeton NC, but otherwise fairly quiet.

You can also monitor this traffic on DMR Talkgroup 3199. Please monitor this talkgroup using a hotspot. You can listen on a repeater, but it is a dynamic talkgroup and will timeout after 15 minutes. Please do not transmit on this talkgroup.



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