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2006.05-20:  Page 01  Story by:   
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     KG6LFZ & KI6CVU 
The two-way radios start "crackling" even before the crack of dawn is being considered.  It is still before the sun rises (or even thought about having breakfast) as MARC members "get moving" for today's event.  

It's about 0400 hours (that's 4:00 am, folks!!) when KD6UZM comes on the air saying he's "leaving home" and headed for Long Beach (actually, El Dorado Park in Long Beach).  KD6OFQ is already "waiting in line" at the park waiting for the gates to open.  

It will be another two hours before KG6LFZ starts taking pictures, but once she gets "warmed up" and rolling, that camera "clicks" its way through the entire event.  As you will see, she is either standing with "camera in hand" and waiting for a good "shot" to appear, or taking pictures as she rides "2nd in command" behind KB6UJW.  (Actually, it's 1st in command, but please don't anyone let Wayne know!).  And, oh yea, special thanks to new MARC member KI6CVU for taking a picture of KG6LFZ (since KB6UJW was "too busy" doing something else to take even one picture of her!!)  

It's "just after" 0500 hours when KC6ZOZ arrives and joins KB6UJW and KG6LFZ unpack the van and begin setting up Net Control under the watchful eye of KD6OFQ.  W5JFR and KF6BEB arrive shortly thereafter, and begin to help out as well.  There's a lot to do, but soon "Net Control" is up and operational.  Everyone signs the new "release of liability" forms as KE6UUD arrives to start putting in some new APRS overlays for today's event into the laptop.  

While we are busy "working" and getting Net Control set up, a "few" people (who shall remain least until my list is complete, and then just watch out!!) are actually sitting down to breakfast at the Denny's about one mile away!!  Yea, that's how it goes, some people get to relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee at Denny's while "others" (the "honest, hard-working, dedicated, self-sacrificing" members...yea, RIGHT!!) are slaving away in the cold morning air setting up radios, tents and of course...complaining about anything and everything they can think of (which is a whole lot, I will tell you).  

Ok, back to the event...let's see, where was I?  
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