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MARC Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club - Since 1992 -
 Dedicated to Providing Safe, Reliable Two-Way, Two-Wheel Charity Event Communications
Two-Way Communications on Two-Wheel Transportation
2013 Anniversary

Welcome to MARC, the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club. 
MARC is dedicated to providing safe and reliable two-way radio communications for selected charity events in their respective regions.  Each year, MARC members raise even more money for those charities that we support. 
Membership in MARC is an adventure.  It's about new friends, motorcycle riding, amateur radio, and in giving something back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  
Does everyone ride motorcycles?  No.  Does everyone use amateur radio?  Again, no.  Our members include those who ride, those who "wish they could ride" and those who are just "too young" to ride (yet).  We have members who want to talk, and those who just want to help.  

Actually, we "ALL" talk ... it's just that some of us use a microphone and others of us, well, we don't need a microphone!! 
Want to glimpse of the MARC experience?  Join us at our monthly meeting and you'll immediately notice a difference in who we are and why we are growing.  (Be ready to shake lots of hands, greet lots of people, and yes, you may even get a "hug" or two, or three, or even more!)  
Inside This Site:  
Contacting MARC:  
The easiest way to contact the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club is to < Click Here > and use your method of choice (e-Mail, voice, USPS, etc.).  

If you want to contact an individual member, simply click to the < Members Page > and all members are listed in alphabetical order.  Like many other organizational web sites, the same MARC member may be featured on multiple pages, depending on their involvement. 

Contact information is centralized.  We do not include contact information on individual pages.  Viewers can rely on the < Members Page > as having the most accurate, up-to-date contact information on members. 

Thank for visiting.  Enjoy your stay.  
Echolink:  North America, Area 6, KE6ZRP-L, Los Angeles CA., Node 264283


MARC meets the second Saturday of every month (except for July or unless there is a support event), the next Meeting is December 9, 2017 (there is no meeting in July) at the Home Town Buffet, 1008 E. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA.  The meeting will start at 8am and complete at 10.  The restaurant opens at 8am.  Everyone is welcome.

The Home Town Buffett requires that all persons purchase breakfast or drinks, otherwise they charge MARC for use of the room.  It is good food and great company!

Remember that the local Southern California Members meet at Huntington Honda on Saturday mornings from about 9 to 10:15, they follow up with Breakfast at Woodys just down the street.

Upcoming events:  As dates for 2017 become firm they will be posted.  Make sure everything is working as it should.

Reminder please support the ALERT / BARN radio systems, without them MARC could not do the charity events that we support.  The Annual Dues need to be given to Ray by the March Meeting.  Contact Ray to support the systems.

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