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2014 promises to be another exciting year.  Already our event coordinators are hard at work attending meetings and making plans for our busy event calendar.
Although the dates on these installations are pretty old all of this information is still good as the basic designs on all of the models of the 1800cc Honda Gold Wings remains pretty much the same except for the outer plastic coverings. We are still doing installations for our MARC members local to Southern CA and other then some of the equipment to install has changed, the installations themselves has not.

[ Chapter Coverage ]:  
  • 2008.05.07 -- Article from a MARC Member
    This letter was written by Jim McGowan KE5TQT.  It was originally a letter in the MARC Newsletter but it so encompasses the desire to serve the community that it is included here.  It is an excellent letter.
  • 2008.0418 -- Product Review, QST Magazine May 2008 - PDF / 732K
    This is an article from the May 2008 QST Magazine.  It is a review of the Yaesu FTM-10R Radio.  On the third page of the article there is an outbox "Motorcycle Mobile with the FTM-10R radio" where MARC is referenced.
  • 2007.01.24 -- Public Service on Two Wheels, The Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club - PDF / 473KB
    This is a two page article from the February 2007, CQ, Amateur Radio Magazine.  The article is very well written by Gordon West WB6NOA and includes information and pictures. 
  • 2007.01.23 -- Federal Register posting for Morse Code removal - PDF / 66k
    This is the FCC posting in the Federal Register on the new testing requirements.  Basically on 02/23/07 is when the Morse code is no longer required and the VE can apply any tests to the new requirements.
  • 2006.09.10 --  MARC Guideline for Event Communications - PDF / 16 KB
    This 3-page guide can be used to assist the communicator in the use of the Ham radio for for communications. [ Sep 2006 ]
  • 2006.06.23 -- Radio Interview for MARC
    Stephanie (Domino), Interviewed Charles about MARC.  Be advised the file is almost 4MB and is an MP3 file.
  • 2006.05-20  --  ADA Los Angeles/Orange County "Tour de Cure" 
    MARC members join together for Net Control, motorcycle mobile, bicycle mobile, "support and gear" (SAG) and Rest Stop support operations to help raise funds for the American Diabetes Association.
  • 2006.05-13 -- MARC 14th Anniversary Photo
    Photo of the So Cal Marc Members   
  • 2006.04-09  --  Special Internet PDF Supplement:   W4EZR Goldwing Install 
    Olen Persons W4EZR shares his installation.  This is a PDF file.  You must have Adobe PDF reader installed on the computer you are using to view this file.    
  • 2006.03-28  --  Additions to Frequently Asked Questions Page 
  • 2006.01-09  --  MARC Celebrates 14 Years of Charity Event Communications 
    The Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club will gather in May/2006 to celebrate 14 years of trusted, reliable communications at selected charity events.   
  • 2005.08-27  --  Frequently Asked Questions     
  • 2005.02-19  --  Special Internet Report:  Antenna Review - 2005 
  • 2005.02-05  --  Power Pocket HT    
    This is an "Internet Special" technical report by KD6FHN.  
  • 2005.02-04  --  Insuring Antenna Longevity    
    All new and improved ... an honest look at what it takes to keep talking!  
  • 2005.01-29  --  APRS Information Added    
    KG6NJP adds to the growing "voices of experience" and makes specific recommendations.  
  • 2004.05-15  --  2004 TOUR DE CURE PICTURES    
    For the second year in a row, KG6LFZ and KB6UJW brought the camera and took pictures of all MARC members at the event.  
  • 2004.04-20  --  EVENT SAFETY GUIDEBOOK    
    Interested in maximizing your safety during an event?  MARC has published their new "Event Safety Guidebook" featuring "things to remember" and "items to check" before participating in an event.  
  • 2003.05-17  --  MARC 2003 ADA "Tour de Cure"    
    KG6LFZ and KB6UJW has their camera rolling for this event.  
  • 2003.05-15  --  Rob Roberts Visits Huntington Honda  
    When KH7MW tells his wife he's going over to visit Huntington Beach Honda, it will be several weeks before she sees him again!!  Find out why ... 
  • 2003.05-10  --  MARC 11th Anniversary Pictures    
    This was not "just another Saturday" for MARC .... it was our BIRTHDAY!!  And no birthday would be complete without some of the images from the day .... 
  • 2002.12-16  --  MARC 2002 X-Mas Party Pictures    
    Compliments of KD6FHN, here are some of the "party pics" ....
  • 2002.11-29  --  MARC Members Celebrating Holidays  
    The normally scheduled MARC Meeting for December has been modified to allow members to celebrate the holidays and another successful year together.  See you in 2003!!  
  • 2002.11-06  --  MARC Publishes New Antenna Report   
    KD6FHN offers a unique insight for testing and reporting on the new Comet SSB-7, C767 and C757.   
  • 2002.09-14  --  Goldwing History Revisited   
    Do you remember the very first Goldwing?  Well, thanks to Bob KD6YBT, you can see the original article that introduced it all .... now on our Photo Center page.  
  • 2002.07-10  --  KD6FHN USA 4-Corners Ride  
    Hot off the Press!!  Now you can see all four photos and read the narrative by Ray!!   They've just been published on our Photo Center page.  
  • 2002.05-11  --  MARC 10th Anniversary Pictures  
    If a photo says a thousand words .... there's a whole library of letters and words on these pages!!
  • 2002.05  --  May Article on MARC in Friction Zone
    MARC responds and supports bicycle riders in the SF Bay area.
  • 2002.03-09  --  MARC Participates in "Mission of Mercy"  
    It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, almost no clouds in the sky, and then we got the message .... they were in trouble and needed help!!!  
  • 2002.02-17  --  MARC Members Prepare for 2002 Season  
    Just like Santa getting ready for his annual performance, members of MARC are busy preparing for their 2002 charity events performances.  [ Press Release
  • 2002.02-15  --  MARC HQ Web Site Updated    
    The MARC organization published an updated web site today, complete with a new look, more news and lots of really great information.  
  • 2002.02-14  --  MARC 10th Anniversary Celebration  
    The Planning Committee is hard at work to make sure our May/2002 is the best MARC meeting yet!!  This is one you won't want to miss.  [ Details ]  
  • 2001.03-30  --  We get a new domain name: 

    Photo Center -- Don't forget to visit this page and learn more about us!!  
[ Media Coverage ]:  

Since our inception, our organization has been fortunate to have been recognized by some of the "heavy hitters" in the amateur radio industry, to include being published in some very prestigious radio magazines and periodicals.  

MARC thanks the authors of these articles for their interest in, and writing about, our organization.  Click Here for an index of these recognitions.  
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