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For Immediate Release

"Motorcycle Mobile" Team Prepares for the 2002 Communications Season 
"Giving Something Back" at charity events is a way of life for  group of motorcycling amateur radio operators.   

Irvine, California;  February 17, 2002  -- 
Numerous charity events will be benefit from the generous donation of time, equipment and the unique combination of amateur radios being operated from a two-wheel motorcycle.  

The Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club -- or "MARC" -- today announced they are in final preparations for their 2002 event season.  In addition to the addition of several new members, each with their own motorcycle/radio combination, several new venues are being added to the already busy schedule from past years.  

"We only volunteer for communications at charity events," said Mr. Ray Davis, one of the original founders of the group.  "We feel an obligation to give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves, and this is the only way we feel we are accomplishing that."  

Members provide a range of volunteer services to event sponsors based on the needs of the specific event.  On most days they provide escort services and act as a "communications link" to ensure the safety of the participants.  

"We'll be discussing more about upcoming events at our next monthly meeting," said Davis.  "We've been meeting at the Lakeview Cafe for a long time now.  They treat us well, we have our own room, and the food is absolutely great!!  We enjoy the food, conduct our meeting, swap stories and generally just have a good time."   

About The MARC Organization   
The Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club, or MARC, was founded in southern California during 1992 by individuals seeking to combine their love of motorcycling riding with their communications capability of amateur radio.  Interest in the group continues to grow with membership available in several state and international chapters.  Members seek to 'give something back" through public service by providing communications at charity events on a volunteer basis.  Each member is individually responsible for equipping and maintaining all their motorcycle and amateur radio equipment.  Additional information regarding accomplishments and/or membership in MARC is available from their free web site at

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