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Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) 

APRS is not new to the MARC organization. For Southern California members, it's now "catching on like a firestorm" and being installed like there is no tomorrow!  

The benefits to APRS with "motorcycle mobile" operations:  The exact locations of each APRS-equipped motorcycle can easily be identified and tracked during an event.  If an "incident" occurs that requires the closest motorcycle to be dispatched, event coordinators simply look on their computer screen, identify the location of the incident and which MARC member is closest, and then dispatch accordingly.  Depending on the GPS in use the individual can display the locations of the APRS equipped motorcycles on the GPS screen.

Additional information will be added to this new section as it becomes available.  

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  • Using the Garmin GPS-18PC with the Kenwood TM D-700A radio  [ 29 Jan 2005 ]   
       by Chuck Welman, KG6NJP 
  • 2007.01.26 -- Bidirectional Mapping Radios, The Wave of the Future, Popular Communications, February 2007 -- PDF / 694KB
    This is an article written by Gordon West (WB6NOA) about the Ham equivalent of APRS in other radios.  Garmin RINO series is a FRS Radio with GPS in a single unit and the Marine band has a radio from Uniden that is a radio and GPS in a single unit.  Gordon also describes an overview of APRS, in the picture of the screen of the AvMap KD6FHN-10 (Ray Davis Motorcycle) and KF6TXI-10 (Charles Robles Motorcycle) are plainly visible.

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