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          Kenwood 742 on a Honda GL1500

by Drew Pushie, V6HGW     

A picture of my Kenwood 742 dual bander set up on my GL1500. The radio head is inside the RAIN PROOF plastic box and in this shot the cover is closed. The bracket on the "left wing" holds my "Bike Buoy" cup holder. The bracket on the "right wing" holds the Kenwood microphone. The unit to the right of the 742 control head is my GPS (Global Positioning System). The unit to the left of the 742 is a clock/thermometer. You can just see the thumb operated PTT switch (red) on the left side. This PTT operates a relay that switches my boom mic (Cycle Com) from the Honda system to my Kenwood. When the PTT is pressed I transmit on the 742. When this PTT is released the mic operates the intercom. When the Honda CB PTT is pressed the CB transmits using the boom mic. I can't transmit on ham and CB simultaneously which is a problem for some but works fine for me. When I transmit on the ham, the intercom is dead. Again not a problem for me. I hang the Kenwood hand mic on its bracket on the "right wing" but I never ride with it installed. I always use the PTT. I'll plug in the mic when not riding if I need to use the phone patch. For ham audio I use a cassette interface plugged into the 742's audio out jack. The cassette interface's cable is routed out of sight underneath the Honda radio controls. I can switch the audio from helmet to fairing speakers using the Honda controls. I must admit that I still have a second set of helmet speakers that are dedicated to the 742. The actual radio component is in my right saddle bag.

The metal bracket is home made and works quite well. For strength there is a 90 degree bend the full length of the bottom edge. The "overhang " is about inch. I plan to powder coat the bracket flat black this winter. Above the radio bracket you can see the flap to the vinyl pouch that is attached between the handlebars. 

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