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MARC Technical Notes  Special Report
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PTT Installation GL1800

(May 2011)

     There have been many questions on the installation of the PTT button on the GL1800. 

     The way we mount the PTT Button Bracket on the 1800cc Gold Wings with the NAVI system on them is like this. From the end of the left handlebar look at the rear end of the NAVI (bottom module I think) module. We mount the PTT button bracket vertically on the rear facing part of that bottom module. The first time we did an installation on a GW with the NAVI system was to take all of the modules off the left handlebar to see where we could safely drill a hole and put a small self tapping metal screw in without hitting any of the electronics in that little black plastic box. After that one time we have never taken the time to remove any of the modules on a NAVI system GW again. You can drill a hole near the bottom and near the outside
(left) side of the box without hitting any electronics inside. The little metal screw that comes with the bracket will work just fine.

     Also, to get the bracket to line up with the outside of the module so it will look pretty and put the PTT button right where your left thumb is while riding, you will need to take a half round or rat tail file and file out a half round piece to match the size of the handlebar diameter as the PTT button will fit tightly up against the handlebar between the grip and the module. I would do it for you, but Casper doesn't have a NAVI system on him and I therefore don't know where to file unless there was a GW here that does have it. REMEMBER, THIS IS FOR 1800cc GOLD WINGS WITH THE NAVI SYSTEM ONLY.    


Press To Talk Button

Figure 1: Front view of the Press to Talk Button, GL1800

Press To Talk Button

Figure 2: Side View of Press to Talk Button, GL1800

Press To Talk Button

Figure 3: Closer view of Press to talk installation, GL1800

Ray Davis

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