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          POWER POCKET HT  
> Internet Special:  Feb 05 2005 
   by Ray Davis, KD6FHN 

Dependable power has never been easier or more convenient. Simply plug your radio's cigarette adapter plug into the Power Pocket's female cigarette adapter socket and you have hours of extended talk time. Up to 6 times longer then standard battery packs that come with your 2-Way Radios, Cell Phones, Camcorders, Laptop Computers, Portable Lights, Kids games, etc. etc.

The Power Pocket weights 30 ounces, is 3.75 X 6.5 X 1.25 inches. The cover is black and made of  heavy duty nylon Cordura. The Power Pocket also comes with a belt loop and a shoulder strap.   
The Power Pocket Specifications, 12V/ 2.0 Amp Hours, Maintenance Free, Normal Voltage: 12 Volts, Normal Capacity: 2.0AH/20 Hour rate, Battery type/ Construction: Lead Acid, Sealed Case, Can be stored or charged in any position without leakage, Charger Included. Charger Rate, 6-8 hours from compete discharge.

Standby life Expectancy: 3-5 years. Approximate Cycle Life: 100% Discharge: 250 cycles, 50% Discharge: 550 cycles.

This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I have in all of the ham radio gear I have. I use it with the HT's, Sony camcorder, charge my Nokia cell phone with it and use it for a light that plugs into a car cigarette lighter. Took it onto an airline flight and extended the life of the battery in the HP Notebook. I have had one for many years and it never has failed, and it is well past the 5 year date they say is it's limit. I prefer to use the Power Pocket because no other spare batteries are necessary. In other words, I don't have to buy spare batteries for the Kenwood HT's, 2 TH-78A's, a TH-D7A and an ICOM P3AT.

The Power Pocket has been around for about 12 years and is available from all the Ham Radio Outlets (HRO), Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) and many others. Suggested retail price is $69.00. It's everything it's advertised to be and more.If you have any questions, please contact me directly.  

Ray, KD6FHN 


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