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Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 09:08
Subject: Page #18, Mounting Yaesu FT 8800 On BMW R1150RT
Mounting Yaesu FT 8800 On BMW R1150RT, Updated 3-29-2006

At 07:19 PM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
Hi Ray...
Sent you an e-mail a bit ago but not sure if you received it because I don't see it in my 'sent' file.  I'll briefly outline it for you...I'm the one with the black BMW R1150RT in case you don't remember the name.
I have mounted a Yaesu FT - 8800 on my bike.  I have no intercom system.  I currently use the radio's stock microphone.  I'm in need of an interface that could connect from the radio's control head to a J & M headset with a PTT button...or...a complete system with a PTT button but without an interface.  I contacted the people at Kennedy Technologies (cellset.com) and they said they couldn't help me and referred me to M. A. R. C.  (BTW...I've joined MARC recently but not sure if Jerry Irwin has sent you the money yet).  The microphone connection is a modular (phone type) DIN plug.  Unfortunately, I've not been successful in locating anyone who has a cable like I'm in need of and believe it or not, I'm not very adept at making electronic parts myself and would much rather pay someone to construct it for me or buy something commercially available...hence the reason for this e-mail to you.
Mitch, Katy, TX.
Mitch, I am sorry to say that I know nothing about the Yaesu FT-8800 ham radio or the BMW R1150RT, so am taking the liberty to put your request for information out on the MARC List. That is what it is for to be used for anyway and is the best way I can think of to get you going in time for the TX MS150. I also sent your email to Jim of Lake Elisnore CA because he has a BMW and has done his own installation on it, so right now he may be the best bet to help you.

Please be sure to post your communications on the MARC Web Site, because we all learn from these experiences.

Irvine, CA
I have a gold wing, but have used both an 8800 and an 8100 (currently) on my bike.

John, Los Angeles, CA
The Yaesu FT-8800 appears to be the current replacement for the FT-7100m which I have as a base station. As best I can tell from the Yaesu literature, the FT-8800 uses the MH-48 microphone which has a *6-pin* modular plug. And therein lies the problem...!
When I got my Heil Traveler headset, one of the adapter cord options is the "Yaesu Modular". I bought that adapter and a Kenwood modular (for my TM-D700A) and was a happy camper -- well, at least till I got home and tried to connect the headset to the radio. OOPSIE -- the cable is *8-pin* (RJ-45 type) -- doesn't fit too well in a *6-pin* jack.
I called Heil -- if anyone would know about this 6-pin interface, it would be Heil. According to Heil, the problem is that the FT-8800's MIC connection is MULTIPLEXED. Heil has a special adapter for the FT-100 which uses the 6-pin but it only fits certain Heil Mics and the Traveler isn't one of them...! They finally gave up trying to get this unusual MIC wiring to work with their gear (except the FT-100 special).
Quite honestly, perhaps the best -- and most expedient thing to do, would be to get you hands on a Kenwood HT. I don't know if any of the TX hams used 5-watt radios last year; if so, with a decent antenna properly grounded to the Beemer's frame, you should have an adequate setup.
J&M used to make a simple plug 'n play Kenwood *FRS* cable assembly with PTT (I think it was RHD-60) that works perfectly with the Kenwood radios and the J&M headset with the 5-pin lower cable (Goldwing type -- I think it's a ZB). I just looked at the J&M website and don't see it now...!  Apparently, J&M's new INTEGRATOR IV system replaces that simple cord -- since they show a JMSR-AC16 interface cable for the Kenwood FRS. But that darn black box is $450 WITHOUT the adapter cables.
You might call J&M to see if they still have some of those older cable assemblies in stock. CAUTION -- do NOT even whisper the word HAM around J&M -- John Lazzeroni, president of J&M has an attitude about hams...! Just refer to the Kenwood Free-Talk FRS radio...!
MARC member Charles KF6TXI has an old J&M Kenwood FRS cable assembly. I don't know if he would be willing to sell you his since he now has the Kennedy interfacing his Kenwood TM-D700A. I've Bcc him on this email.
The other choice to buy would be a Kenwood TM-D700A. Yeah, it's a bunch of $$$ but we (Ray and I) have much experience with the Kenwoods and Kennedy makes a plug and play black box to interface that radio. UNKNOWN to be is whether it could be "stand-alone" or if it would even interface with the Beemer.
Chuck, Santa Ana, CA
MARC GPS/APRS Coordinator
The FRS setup that I have is specific to the Kenwood FRS and Kenwood Ht's it will not work on the Yaesu.
Charles, Tustin CA.

I've wired my 8100/8900 both through a Kennedy set (GW Intercom etc.) and independently - which seems to suit your needs.  And I have a J&M headset in my helmet as well.I have all my wiring diagrams etc and will do what I can to help you. 
One of the challenges with Yaesu is the need to integrate a 27k ohm resistor in the mic/ptt circuit.  But, again, I've done that, so I can probably help you out if no one else does.

Good luck,

John, Los Angeles, CA.


Ray, I would like to ask you question:

I have a 2009 Harley dresser that I would like to install a Yaesu
FT7800R on. I am looking for information as to how to wire the radio
into the existing factory intercom system that would utilize the
factory headset and push-to-talk button. Do you know where I may find
information on how this may be done?  Also any suggestion on an
antenna that is commonly used on motorcycles.

Thank you,
Kevin Kesselring  KC9IGM
Pleasant Plains, IL

Kevin, I haven't done a ham radio installation on a Harley for years,
but we do have a large group of ham radio equipped Harleys in our
MARC Chapter in TX. So I will help you with what I can and then put
your email out to on the MARC List so that our MARC members can
respond back to you directly. This is how all of our members learn
about different ways to do different installations using different
makes & models of radios on motorcycles. Everyone has there own ideas
of how they want the installations done and what different equipment
they want to use and how much money they are willing to spend to get
the results they can be happy with.

I had to go to the HRO catalog to find out what a Yaesu FT-7800R was.
For those on the MARC List, it is a dual band, 2 meter/ 440
mobile/base radio and has cross band capabilities. It will only show
on band in the control head at a time. I know we have tried to
install a Yaesu FTM-10R made for mounting on the handlebars of a
motorcycle, but never did get that one to work and finally put a
Kenwood TM-D700A on and that worked from the first time we tried it.

Kevin, if you are going to try and integrate it into your stock
Harley Audio system, you can probably call or email Kennedy
Technology <www.cellset.com > or call them at (316-776-111) and they
may already have the unit made up that you will need to do the
installation. Talk to Trudi or Jon the owner of the company and chief
engineer. We have been working with them for over 10 years and they
have a good product.

As far as the antenna goes, you don't say where you want to mount it.
Where ever you mount it, it is positively necessary that you ground
the mount to the motorcycle frame. Manufactures & dealers will sell
you an antenna and say this antenna does not need to be grounded.
However I have worked many years with Comet testing many antennas and
there isn't any antenna on the market today that won't "WORK BETTER"
when it "IS" grounded. The ground makes the frame the other half of
the antenna and they just work better when they are grounded and I
have been doing installations for 17 years. Yes they will work with
being grounded, but they work so much better when they are grounded.
Also, it is best to use a braided copper wire rather then a solid core wire.

Where you mount the antenna also will have a large bearing on how
well any antenna will work because of the way the transmitted signals
come off a motorcycle. So mounting a ham radio antenna on the side of
a motorcycle is NOT as good a place to mount it as mounting the
antenna on a trunk rack on the back of a motorcycle. It's a given
that the antenna would work better if it could be mounted in the
middle of the motorcycle like is done on a car, but of course that
can't be done. We do have the trunk rack antenna mounts for either
the 1/2 inch tubular racks and the flat racks.

We suggest using a Comet HP-32 or a Comet CA2X4SR (both are 2m/440
and both are fold over antennas & about 35 inches tall) for local
repeaters when not in a gray area or obstructed from a distant
repeater. I would have to guess that over 90% of our members use one
of these 2 antennas 99% of the time and only switch to the much
taller (60 inch) Comet antennas when doing our many charity events.
You can see the Comet Antenna Catalog at < www.cometantenna.com> or
call them at (1-800-962-2611 and ask for Mick and tell them that you
talked to Ray. If you are a MARC member you can get a 30% discount by
ordering through me because I work for them at some of the HamVention
Shows in Dayton OH and Comet is one of our biggest supporters for our
many charity events. Besides, we tried Hustler, MFJ, Diamond &
others, but when we broke an antenna they would not help us because
we are using the antennas on a motorcycle. Comet has always been
there for our MARC members.

I certainly hope this information can help you Kevin and I hope that
some of our MARC Harley owners will jump in here to also give you
more help. For our MARC members, please remember to also post your
helpful informative emails to the MARC list so that we can all learn
from the experience of others. Thank you.

Kevin, you may also call me anytime between 7am and 10pm 7 days a
week on my cell phone (which is also mounted on the M/c) at
(949-300-9669), it takes a lot less time to talk you through these
installations then it does for me to send emails.

73 Ray KD6FHN
Irvine, CA.
MARC Chairman Of The Board

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