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Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 19:54
Subject: Page # 17, FAQ, CB/Ham Radio Harmonics Interference
CB/Ham Radio Harmonics Interference On An 06 GW, Updated 3-28-2006

At 08:45 PM 3/24/2006, you wrote:
Can I get some advice for a CB issue I'm having?

I have an '06 comfort with less than 300 miles on the ticker.
spent the last few weekends installing lots of electronics.
Ham Radio.
cell interface
ptt interface
alarm system
power block
couple others I can't think of.

I sold an '02 that had all this stuff on there so I know the CB works.
I get feedback through the external speakers even if I have the radio in
headset only mode.
I've isolated, and disconnected all the new stuff, but it still happens.

The Dealer replaced the audio unit, but the problem did not change.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hamilton KE7CSA
Quoting Ray Davis <raykd6fhn@earthlink.net>:
Hamilton, the only time we have encountered problems with the CB's on the motorcycles, it have
been tracked back to the coax cable. Isolate the coax away from the other
electronics if you can, or reroute it. If this doesn't work, let me know and we will try to work it out for
you. This is the stuff we have to learn from.

The one and only time we have had trouble with one of my installations was on my 1996 1500 GW and that was because I listened to someone telling me to shorten the coax to about 5 or 6 feet and I did that. The very next time I was listening to the CB on Channel 19 and talking to the truckers, it knocked out all the memories in the Kenwood TM741A. When I got back from San Jose I pulled out the cut down coax, bought 2 new Comet 3D4M coax and put them in and never had that problem again. I guess the harmonics from the CB was feeding right into the coax on the KW TM741A.

Like I said before, I would have to remove all the shell pieces on your motorcycle and see what is done different then what Chuck and I do when we do an installation. I bet it is something pretty simple too, but it does get annoying when these things happen.

Irvine, CA
Quoting Ray Davis <raykd6fhn@earthlink.net>:

Well I wish you lived closer so we could see what you did when you
installed all your electronic equipment. Did you have the CB installed
after you installed all the other electronic gear, or did the dealer do it
before you took possession of it?
Then where did you mount the ham radio antenna, is it on the rack on the
trunk lid? If so did you ground the trunk rack so the antenna is mounted? I
know you are having trouble with the CB, but many times these problems are
traced back to the ham radio installation. How long is the coax that you
are using on the ham radio equipment and where did you store all the extra
coax if you used a long, say 14 foot coax? Did you cut the coax and shorten
it? There is just so many things that be causing your problem, the least of
which is with the CB itself or the CB coax, I'd have to see it to figure it
out. Does your 06 have the ABS/GPS/heated seat/heated handlebar grips? We
just did an installation on Charles' 06 GW with all that stuff and he has
no problems with it what so ever and we didn't do any thing special with
his installation then what we have been doing with the 1800's since they
came out.
We'll keep trying to help you out of this situation.
73, Ray KD6FHN
Irvine, CA.
At 03:10 PM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
All of this stuff was installed and working on an '02 prior to my trade to
the '06. In addition, the dealer had an '06 on the floor with a CB mounted,
and it did the same thing, albeit with less volume. I took all of the gear
from the '02 bike including the CB so I know it worked from a previous
install. I have gone through and isolated each piece. I agree that the problem
comes into play with the Ham install, as even with all items disconnected
except for the CB and just the coax from the Ham antenna laying in the trunk I
notice the problem. If I had to guess, when I transmit, the RF energy is fed
out of the CB antenna and down the Ham antenna across the shield of the coax
and into the CB. If the audio unit was muting properly it wouldn't be an issue
but since that's not the case I've tried to Ferrite everything but it doesn't
seem to have a profound effect.

The Ham antenna is on a Kury rack center and rear. I used one of your mount
brackets for that. It is also grounded to the frame. I'm using the 12' of pre
cut coax that came with the Comet antenna. I think I got it from you actually.
Anyhow, I had it wound in a figure 8 and tucked beside the right hand frame
member between the rear fender and the saddlebag underneath the seat. I have
tried moving it, but the only time the problem is reduced is if I remove the
antenna from the bike. The D700 normally sits on top of the CB inside the
trunk well. I could move it out and side mount it in the trunk but that
doesn't seem to make a difference.

This wing is the Comfort package, so no Navi, but I do have the heated
seats/grips and no ABS.
At 11:35 AM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
Thanks all, for the suggestions so far. In reading the boards it seems that
the Audio Unit is the culprit but this is the first '06 I've heard of with
the problem. The dealer replaced it under warranty, with the same unit model
number and of course didn't help. I have tried Ferrite on everything. Every
configuration I could think of. I can alter the problem by removing the Ham
antenna, and re-routing the coax seems to help some, but not significantly.
I've spent hours chasing this and I'm almost to the point of just not using
the CB.

Frustrating, Hamilton

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