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Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 18:53
Subject: Page # 15, Kennedy Technology Unit & Antenna Mounts
Kennedy Technology Unit & Antenna Mounts, Updated 3-28-2006

At 08:41 AM 3/22/2006, you wrote:
Hi Ray, 

I am Don and currently live in Florida.  I have an ICOM 207 and would like to install it in my GL1800.  It is a 2001. I would like to use the current transmit button and headsets/speakers.  Are you aware of any installations like this and can you direct me in that direction? Yes, you can purchase a module from Kennedy Technology <www.cellset.com> in Aurora CO and they have a unit custom made to your specifications that will do the whole thing. If you talk to Jon or one of his assistances, tell him that Ray Davis from MARC recommended Kennedy Technology to you. It won't get you any special pricing I guess, but will let him know that we are sending him a lot of business. He use to advertise in our MARC monthly newsletter.

I am sending you some photos that may help you decide where you want to place equipment. You could also go to our MARC Web Site at <www.marc-hq.org> and read up on some of the things that we have for sale that would make it easier for you to mount equipment. Ray KD6FHN, MARC Chairman Of The Board, ham radio installer with 14 years experience.

 The radio could be located in the trunk with the control head up front. The antenna would sit on a bracket between the current antennas. We have antenna brackets for both the 1/2" chrome tubular racks for the 1500 & 1800 GW's and the flat chrome plated aluminum racks for the GW 1800's.

Thanks.     Don

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