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Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 18:41
Subject: Page # 14, Mounting The Ham Radio Head & GPS
Mounting The Ham Radio Head & GPS, Updated 3-28-2006

At 04:21 PM 3/21/2006, you wrote:
Hello I am installing a KW 700A in my new 06 GW. Have Comet ant.Ray recommended and FR Set 4 From Kennedy Technology to patch into my intercom on the bike. Some questions I have are
Where did you mount your radio control head and what mount did you use? See photo, but we put the control heads where the Honda sign is just to the rear of the ignition key on the GW 1800's. We pop out that Honda sign and put a diamond shaped Ram mount in there, after we grind it down to fit and bolt it in to the shell. We have done this two different ways. Early on we were taking the radio counsel off after we had the shell off and putting a washer and nut on the underside of the shell. On the last couple of installations, to save time, we have been using the proper length and size metal screw to do the same thing. But you have to be very careful that the screw doesn't go through to far and hit the radio/intercom/CB module under the shell. I think when doing this for the first time I would go to the trouble of disassembling the shell for fear of what you might hit under the shell putting a self tapping metal screw in.

I got a lot of information from your article on the MARC site.  Thank you for putting it on. With your permission I would like to also post all information that you have asked for on the MARC Web Site in an Question & Answer form. We can take you email address and name out of it.
Where did you mount your GPS ?? Again, see photo. It looks like the GPS is mounted on the dash behind the windshield, but it is not actually bolted to that, it is bolted to the windshield and rests on the dash. I'll see if I have a photo of that for you too.
Any other pictures you may have of the install after it was finished would really be appreciated. Any other suggestions you have I certainly will be glad to have. Well right now I am being inundated with requests for information on auxiliary tank & ham radio installations. It must be spring and the riding season is coming up so everyone has waited until that last minute to get ready for the summer run. I however will be on the road all summer again and after May 1st won't be home where I have DSL to work with. I do carry a HP Notebook with me all summer, but try to limit my time at night on that to about one hour after doing 1000 mile days on the road. Casper (white 2004 GW) carries 18.8 gallons of gas during the summer and has 86,000 miles on it in 24 months. I will be in Mesquite NV this weekend for 3 days with the Rally In The Valley that our local CA-1R Chapter puts on. But I will have the Notebook with me in case you need some help, but I would prefer you call me on the cell phone, it takes a lot less time and effort to tell you all this stuff then it does to type it. Thanks. Ray

Olen, I don't mind spending all this time with you because you are a MARC member & we thank you for that. You can't imagine all the emails I get from people that want all the information that I have been helping you with, and they won't pay the $12 a year to be a MARC member. If they are that cheap, I won't take much time with them and certainly not all the time & effort I have put in with you. I wish you lived here close, we would do the installation for free for you since YOU ARE A MARC MEMBER.


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