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Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 16:24
Subject: Page 10, FAQ, More Harley Davidson Installation Info
More Harley Davidson Installation Information. Updated 3-28-2006

Hello Ray and John.
I know the model of the bike John, Ray is right, mount the radio in the truck, well secured, and use a remote head on the faring in the front.  Try to avoid using a RAM mount on the handlebars if possible, as the vibration can damage the head.  I had a head go bad that was mounted on the base of the handlebar riser.  The vibes cause the fiberglass circuit board to chafe, and some of the components came loose.   The faring is more solid.   Also, use ONLY and open coil antenna mounted securely on the trunk.  Again, vibration plays into what will last, and closed coils may only last an hour or two.  My Comet C757 is holding up well, it is thin, and therefore more flexible and takes the vibrations better.  Thicker is not better here, I have had one break at the coil just after 1 year of use.  Aside from that, Radio Shack has a good filter (their 10 amp cap/choke combo), and you should be sounding good and styling!!!. 
I am sure that Ray can help with the other things. 
Hope this helps, and WELCOME to MARC.

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