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Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 15:33
Subject: Page #6 FAQ
Mounting a Kenwood TH-D7A on the Handlebars of a 06-1800 Gold Wing. Updated 3-28-2006

Reply/information in red, with what I can help you with. I have been doing ham radio, cell phone, GPS, radar, XM radio and etc on motorcycles for 14 years, but about a month ago is the first 06 1800 GW with the built in GPS we have done. There is a lot of things, wiring & such that are different then on any of the earlier models. So that 06 was a real learning process again. Ray

At 05:18 PM 2/12/2006, you wrote:
What a find to see your information on the web. My wife and I have a new 06 Goldwing..1800 with comfort package,
but not with the CB package.  We have a Kenwood D7 and other handhelds available and we really want to use one while riding. I had some success setting up the D7 in my ultralite to run APRS and 2m with the ability to switch it back to the airplane radio with a switch and one diode in line to keep from keying both radios at once.

Please make a suggestion on what is the easiest install  I could do. I would like to have the FM radio on with the 2m at the same time and switch back and forth from intercom to 2m using the helmet headsets.
Buy  a Kennedy Cell set from Kennedy Technology in Rose Hill KS, phone # 316-776-1111 or go to their web site at <www.cellset.com>. Yeh I know you don't want to put a cell phone on the bike, at least you didn't mention that, but tell them what you want to do and they will make up the unit you need to do anything you want. I run a built in cell phone, GPS connected to a Kenwood TM-D700A for APRS use, a Kenwood TM742A tri-bander ham radio, Valentine One radar detector, CB, AM/FM and passenger intercom all through the Kennedy Cell Set. They can build anything you like. I just talked to Trudie there and Jon Kennedy is the owner. If you don't get what you want, then ask to talk to Jon Kennedy, he can understand and help you with what you want to do. When we did the first 06 install, we ran into a problem of the voice on the GPS over riding the ham radio input and output when the GPS was giving directions. Still haven't gotten that fixed yet, we are waiting for Jon at Kennedy to come up with the fix. 
I saw the Comet SBB7 antenna mounted on the rear center of the trunk rack , the 2m handheld mounted on the left handlebar and connected to the battery. I could pick up power for my GPS there too. Those are really old pictures on the MARC Web Site. We haven't mounted an HT on a motorcycle for over 7 or 8 years at least. Up until mid 2005 the only radios we were mounting on motorcycles were the Kenwood TM742A Tri Band radios because of their dependability and longevity, and that's all I would mount because I didn't want people coming back blaming me for the radio not holding up on their motorcycle. Trust me when I tell you that mounting an HT on a handlebar is NOT the way to go.

Where do I go from here? Where can I buy the plug to connect to the CB connection or is that taboo?  HELP I am not absolutely sure that you could plug a ham radio of any kind into the Honda stock CB plug with out blowing something. Even the ham radio HT put out more power then the CB and the impedance is different. I know it wouldn't work on the 1500's or the earlier 1800's.

We have some MARC members that are really high end, high tech electronic engineers that do much of the research and schematics for us. It's what they do for a living and help us out when it comes to an installation problem.

MARC members have the luxury of being able to go onto the MARC List and ask any question then want about installations, GPS, APRS, motorcycles and you name it. It's $12 a year well spent and you get 10 MARC Newsletters a year that are filled with ham radio & motorcycle information.

Thanks for your inquiry. It is always good to hear from others that are interested in combining the 2 hobbies of ham radio and motorcycling.  Ray KD6FHN, Irvine, CA. Feel free to call me on my cell phone if there is anything I can help you with. (949-300-9669)

To bad you live way over there on the RIGHT Coast or we could really get you going and have some fun with the ham radios on motorcycles.
Thank you very much for all the work you have done. Olen

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