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MARC Technical Center Antennas

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Special note:  We must once again remind all of those that have recently received/purchased ham radio antennas either through Ray KD6FHN or else where to put on a motorcycle, "THAT YOU MUST TAKE ALL OF THE SET SCREWS OUT (preferably one at a time) OF THE ANTENNAS AND APPLY BLUE LOCKTITE TO THEM "BEFORE" PUTTING THEM ON A MOTORCYCLE". If you don't you will be in danger of part of your antenna falling apart due to the vibrations on a motorcycle. I am sorry to have to harp on this stuff all the time, but last month (May 2008) I spent a $1000 in cash (yes I got paid back every penny)  to make purchases for our MARC members and am already getting reports about members losing some of the antenna parts. WHAT MORE CAN I DO OR SAY?

Our MARC members (or none members for that matter) just have to realize that putting ham radio antennas on motorcycles can not be compared to putting them on 4 wheeled vehicles. It doesn't make any difference what make or model of antenna you put on a motorcycle, it needs your attention to this first. Certainly Comet is the only company that cooperates with us in repairing antennas after putting them on motorcycles. The other antennas companies won't even talk to us after they find out that we are using them on motorcycles. We tried that years ago, ask anyone that has been in MARC for at least the past 10 years.

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