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[ Member Involvement ]:  
Most MARC members share their love of motorcycling with their avid passion of amateur radio.  Through the organization, they find common ways of sharing time together that combines the two.  

Each MARC member purchases and maintains their own equipment.  While many installation configurations appear very similar (many first-timers are amazed at the "antenna farms" on the rear luggage racks), most members have their individual version of what configurations they like and which equipment they prefer.  

In addition to meetings, training sessions, pleasure rides and spending time sharing technical "trade secrets" with each other, members also get a lot of enjoyment by contributing their knowledge, experience and expertise by voluntarily providing mobile communications at various charity events.  

[ Event Participation ]:   
The success of our organization is based on the many voluntary contributions of our membership.  As in past years, our current year's "line up" duplicates our organization's efforts to provide the absolute best in radio communications at selected charity events in our respective regions. 

Here's more information about this season:   

[ Want More Information? ]:  
Every effort is made to keep these pages updated with as much detail as possible.  Make sure you take a minute and click over to our current Charity Event Calendar (referenced at the top of this page) for virus-free ASCII text information that you can print from your local computer and take it with you.  

If you're not a MARC member, won't you take a few moments and investigate the benefits of membership in our organization?  And after you visit, won't you consider submitting a membership application?  

Already a MARC member?  Use the information on these pages to "print and go" to an event with the latest information available.  

We're looking forward to a very interesting season.  

[ Event Communications Guideline ]:   
Event communications are our primary mission. This page includes information to assist in the use of the radio during the event.  Event Communications Guideline

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