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MARC Event Coordinator Page  Communicating Information Quickly!!
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[ MARC Event Coordinator ]:  

Congratulations!!  Thank you for volunteering your time and becoming an Event Coordinator.  

You play a critically important role in how successful we are when MARC participates in a charity event.  

Many people will be looking to you for answers.  Event sponsors may be wondering what type of support we can offer to them to make their event even more successful.  MARC members will be asking for lots of information so they can verify their availability and prepare their equipment in advance so they can enjoy and volunteer on "event" day.  

MARC developed the Event Information Record to assist in making sure our MARC members have the most complete, accurate information available.  This allows them to prepare -- in advance -- and enjoy the day as they volunteer.  Each record contains lots of "generic" information.  Some, or all of it may be used for your particular event.  Pick and complete the information you feel is needed.  

Download and review the Event Information Record as soon as you become an Event Coordinator.  It will assist you by reminding you of information you may inadvertently forget along the way ... start times (actually "show time" for our event volunteers), radio frequencies, starting locations, etc.  There's even space for you to insert your contact information -- use what you want -- disregard the rest.  If you don't want to be bothered at work, don't list a work number.  If you only want e-mail, leave all other options blank.  

More importantly, information can quickly be updated and published on the MARC-HQ web site.  

[ Event Information Record ]:   
Based on our past experience, we have developed the Event Information Record.  This text-based ASCII file was selected for numerous reasons, but primarily because it is virus-free, easy to complete, quick to publish, fast to load (for viewing), and small in size -- allowing volunteers to obtain and print (using your local printer) the most accurate, updated information on that event -- as it becomes available.  

Here's a suggestion on how to use it:  
  1. Download a blank copy of the Event Information Record to your local computer.  (This copy will be used to provide the initial information you collect, as well as publishing updated information as it becomes available.  
  2. Complete as much information as you can.  Our goal is to publish your event as quickly as possible, so our membership can verify their availability and volunteer.  Information can always be updated later on. 
  3. Submit your record by e-mail to as early as possible.  Again, our goal is to get the dates of the event published early so we provide our members with advance notice.  
  4. Update your record by e-mailing it to as new information becomes available or as changes need to be made.  Be sure to change "A01" and "A02" when submitting your updated information.

    Remember, our primarily goal is providing updated, accurate information to our members.  

Another benefit of using the Event Information Record is to standardize the information being published to our members, and to prospective volunteers viewing our site.  This provides Event Coordinators reminders on information to be included and provides members with maximum information for planning and preparation.

It's a "win-win" for everyone!!!  

[ Communicating Event Information ]:   
Because it is a text-based file, the information in the Event Information Record can be sent (1) as an attachment or (2) as part of the actual message (using the "cut & paste" method).  

This means it can be quickly and easily submitted for publication on the MARC-HQ web site, but it can also be distributed to prospective members or other groups as an e-mail message!!  

This allows the information to be shared quickly, without overloading list or e-mail servers, and without taking a long time to download.  Remember, these files are really small --- usually between 2-5 Kb in size!!!  

[ Event Communications Guideline ]:   
Event communications are our primary mission. This page includes information to assist in the use of the radio during the event.  Event Communications Guideline


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