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MARC 2003 ADA "Tour de Cure"  Sat 17 May 2003
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MARC Southern California 
2003 Tour de Cure - Page #1
May 17 2003

Story by:  Wayne Barringer KB6UJW 
Photos by:  Hiroko Barringer KG6LFZ  

LONG BEACH, CA  --  The two-way radios started "crackling" about 0430 in the morning, members already "on the road" or "just checking in" to see who else would be crazy enough to be up at that time in the morning!!  Well, when you have to set up a communications booth, or travel from Rialto to El Dorado Park, it takes time.  So, the radios get "warmed up" pretty early on "event day" for most MARC members.  

While most "motorcycle mobile" members staged themselves within 2-3 blocks of the park area, Bonnie KD6OFZ and Mijo KF6BEB took up their assignments as "Net Control" under the tent at event headquarters.  Since Hiroko and I took the lead group out, we went over to the park and "check it out" before getting started.  We took a few pictures, even a couple of KZLA, the "country music" radio station, who supported the event.  

Then, we were off to "follow the leaders" and report their progress.  Since we were riding "two up" on our Honda Goldwing, Hiroko kept taking pictures with our digital camera as the day progressed.  We hope you enjoy them. 

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