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MARC Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Friends, Great Food and Pictures!!  
A beautiful day in southern California sets the stage for ten year anniversary of being "motorcycle mobile." 

Lakeview Cafe 
2099 E. Orangethorpe 
Placentia, California  92870-6791 

Southern California, May 11th, 2002  --  When members of the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club ("MARC") woke up today, they were excited.  They had waited a long time for today.  

They came from all over the Southland, from northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin and other points afar.   The weather cooperated perfectly.  It was just a little overcast, but not too much.  It was a little cool, but again, not too much.  

As they gathered at the Lakeview Cafe, our cameras were rolling.  

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