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Member Profile / Biography 
Bonnie Davis, KD6OFQ 
MARC Board Member
May 22, 2006  

Born in 1931 on the farm in Ohio, one of 14 children, eight boys and six girls of which I am the oldest. 

Being raised on the farm you learn a lot of things much before the city kids do.  We raised our own garden along with plenty of crops to feed our farm animals.  Yes I milked cows from 8 years of age until I graduated from high school in Ruggles, Ohio.  

We were milking 25 head when I first started.  Other animals were sheep, hogs, horses, chickens and sometimes ducks & geese.  Carried 100 lbs bags of feed, 20 gallon milk pails full of milk, did a lot of boys work since most of us girls were born at the start of the family.  Worked in the field doing all sorts of jobs, including baling and harvesting wheat, corn etc. 

We had seven in our graduating class of 1949.  A very small country school. But we did learn. After graduation I went to Beauty School to become a hairdresser which I did for 17 years and then medical problems forced me to change my occupation to waitress and bartender. After moving to Las Vegas then on to California I went to work at a car dealership where I went up the ladder to Business Manager when I retired in 1986 due to my new husband Ray Davis after 32 years of being single. 

I am the mother of two wonderful children Jennifer & Tom.  Jennifer is a Regional Project Manager for the A. G. Spanos Corp. now living in Kansas. Tom retired out of the Navy after 22 1/2 years as a Nuclear welder and lives in Virginia working for the city of Norfolk in the Water Department  I have three granddaughters and three great granddaughters and two great grandsons.

My father is watching over me from above as of June 2006.

My father is 97 and will be 98 in September '06, as many of you know, he is now in a convalescent home after a bad fall and nearly freezing to death the day after Thanksgiving in '05. 

When I met Ray I started riding on the motorcycle, became involved with GWRRA, SCMA and then MARC.  I was an American Red Cross volunteer where I had the capabilities of being a caseworker and various other positions.  Of course I said at the beginning of MARC, I was not going to get involved!  Well, that was my intention, anyway! 

I thoroughly enjoy "MARC" and the wonderful people as our family, too. We love you all and take care. 



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