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MARC Benefits Page  Membership = Friendship!!
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Our membership application is simple to understand and easy to complete.  Members enjoy many benefits immediately upon acceptance into our organization. 
  • QUESTIONS?  Members needing help or information about installations or equipment should contact the MARC Headquarters Office.  
  • TRAILER:  Our club has a new Kendon motorcycle transport trailer available to MARC members.  Contact our Irvine, CA Office for information.  

Additionally, we are proud to offer:  

[ Radio Nets ]:   

Conducting professional, legal radio operations and maintaining equipment are essential responsibilities of all MARC members.  Each MARC chapter conducts their own radio nets to test radio procedure, operations and member availability.  

More information.  

[ NewsLetter ]:   

The MARC Newsletter is published 10 times per year.  The Newsletter and postage is included with all memberships.

Here are links to images of three articles from the first edition of the MARC Newsletter, November 1992:  

[ MARC ListServer & Digest ]:  

MARC has a listserver for those who want to join in on Internet E-mail Exchange.  The office will automatically submit your name(s) once approved for membership.  

However, to manually subscribe:  e-mail DeWitt Morgan or  

You will then receive a message from Perilpoint.  To confirm your membership to the list follow the directions and respond appropriately.  

    Send email to:  
    > In the body, type this EXACTLY: unsubscribe marc
    > Directly under it type: END  
  • To RESUME MAIL:    
    Send email to:  
    > In the body, type this EXACTLY: subscribe marc 
    > Directly under it type: END  

Special Thanks to Lewis Osborn, K7LVO for setting up & overseeing the server.   

[ Application Form ]:   
Our application form is a simple-to-complete single page questionnaire designed to be answered quickly and easily.  

All you have to do is: 
  • Click Here and print the form locally from your computer.  
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