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[ Web Site Usage Guidelines ]:  

Thank you for visiting our web site.  

Our primary goal in creating and maintaining this site is to centralize the information and history about our organization and to provide a method of communicating our experiences to our members and the general public.   

-- Viewing Large Images -- 
It has long been said that "a picture speaks a thousand words."  If that's true, this site is loaded!!  Many of the pages -- especially those in the technical sections -- display small-sized (they are actually called "thumbnail images") pictures.  Their small size allows them to load quickly and helps to provide an "additional level of professional" to the many articles and reports.  

Almost all of the thumbnail images are "linked" to a larger view of the same picture.  To view any of these "larger" images, simply direct your mouse directly over the thumbnail image and "left click" one time.  After you click, this will cause a much larger image to be displayed on your screen.  

Please keep in mind that some of these images are -- in fact -- very large.  Viewers using DSL or cable connections to the Internet will find these larger images load rather quickly.  However, those using dial-in modems may discover the images take more time to load than initially anticipated.  

We have tried to make the thumbnails large enough for viewers to preview the image before loading the larger images.  We apologize if your particular viewing of any thumbnail does not provide enough detail for you.  We ask for your understanding and hope that you will enjoy our site.  

-- Text Format Files -- 
We have attempted to provide a massive amount of detailed information for our viewers.  We expect the size of this site to grow over as our body of technical literature is added and as events are attended and recorded for later publication.  

To reduce the "foot print" of this growing site, we have implemented a process of using ASCII text files for recording/displaying information.  We feel there are many advantages -- smaller file size, safety from virus infections (you can't transmit a virus using text only files), quick loading time, and ease of updating/maintaining the actual information.  These files end with a .TXT extension.  

-- Portable Document Formats -- 
Like many other web sites, MARC tries to use publish documents in a .PDF format.  This requires us to convert word processed and other documents into this format.  Like our .TXT files, .PDF are smaller in size and virus-free.  

To view these files, you will need a free "plug-in" from the Adobe Corporation.  While you won't be able to create a .PDF file -- you need something more expensive than FREE!! -- you'll be able to view and print many of the documents on this site ... and many other web sites as well!!  
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