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The documents below are provided as a courtesy by the members identified by their call sign.  Each of these documents has been prepared and is offered for informational use only.  Please contact the person who created the document if you have questions.   


This is a guideline for MARC radio communications, and operations during Charity Events.

All radios on the event repeater, (primary frequency) MUST, go through net control, and be limited to EVENT communications. PLEASE keep all personal (non event) traffic on an alternate frequency, i.e. MARC simplex, 144.370, CTCSS Tone, 100.0.

The very first thing that we must accomplish is that of protecting the participants, and ourselves, at all times.  REMEMBER, we are not policemen.  Never use your motorcycle to block traffic, unless the participant is in danger.  When assigned a group to escort, locate your last rider, then move ahead of the group and watch for your last rider, then move ahead again, leapfrogging with the group.

IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT:  The very first thing is to make sure YOU park in a safe location.  Remember, a motorcycle is NOT well lighted to the rear, and even well lighted EMS vehicles sometimes get rear-ended.  Make sure the accident victim is in a safe location.  DO NOT move an injured rider unless they are in an unsafe location, i.e. in danger of additional injury.

IF YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE**: call for EMS help YOURSELF, do not try to channel the call through Net Control.  YOU are in the best location to give Emergency Services the location of the accident, and to do it in a timely fashion.  Keep yourself apprised of the location, and city, you are currently in.

** Dial 9-1-1; be prepared to give the following information, (let the EMS dispatcher guide you.), the city, in which the accident has occurred, the street address, and the nearest cross street, (if known.), the type of injury, i.e., bicycle rider down with injuries to, (body part.).  Be sure to give your cell phone number.  STAY ON THE PHONE UNTIL THE DISPATCHER TELLS YOU TO HANG UP.

Let Net Control know ASAP, what action you have taken.  We have to turn that information over to the Charity event Officials, they have to have all that info, and they depend on "MARC" getting it for them, if they are hospitalized they (event person) usually heads to the hospital promptly.  So we have to make sure what Hospital they go to, number transported etc, if no number is available, we will use the name.

* Take care of the rider. Do the A. B. C's, of first aid,

* AIRWAY:  be sure the victim airway is clear, and he/she is breathing.

* BLEEDING:  take care of any profuse bleeding. A victim can quickly bleed out.

* CIRCULATION:  Be sure the victim is breathing, and the heart is pumping. If not, begin CPR immediately.  After calling 911 notify NET CONTROL of your emergency and your location.  Also, that you have called 911, and have requested medical aid etc..

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CELL PHONE; Contact Net Control on the primary radio frequency, try to use this format:

“Net control, KM6UK, (use your call sign of course) I have emergency traffic.”  Net Control should then broadcast, “Emergency, Emergency traffic, all units stand by.  KM6UK, go ahead with your emergency traffic.”  Give Net Control the same information that you would give over your cell phone, i.e. Requesting emergency service (Paramedics) at; the city, in which the accident has occurred, the street address, and the nearest cross street, (if known.), the type of injury, i.e., bicycle rider down with injuries to, (body part.).  When possible, give Net Control the rider number.  Remember, NO NAMES unless requested to do so by Net Control.

Stay with your victim until EMS, either transports, or releases the victim.  If transported, be sure the bicycle is transported via SAG.

Wherever possible, when broadcasting, use rider numbers, instead of names. There are privacy issues involved.  Remember, a lot of these riders know one another, sometimes they are clubs, or employee groups, that may number many dozens of riders.  Keep them assured, (as best you can,) and moving past the accident scene.  Try to avoid them (the riders) grouping up at the accident scene.


Riding alongside participants in the traffic lane is particularly dangerous.  It blocks non-participant traffic; it can cause other traffic to do unexpected maneuvers, YOU could get a ticket, and it can actually harm the Charity image.

Try the leapfrog method mentioned at the beginning of this document.  When a rider has a problem, i.e. a flat tire, let Net Control know you are off the bike, assisting cyclist #.  (Just in case down the road a problem may arise, we don’t want any blame to go back to a “MARC” member...)  Net Control must have the correct rider number as we do have a list of the riders and numbers.  Well, at least we are supposed to have one for each event.

It is necessary for Net Control, to know when our riders are off the M/C, regardless of what they are doing, be it lunch stop, personal necessities, or helping a bicycle participant.  Another reason Net Control needs to know is, with APRS, we may need a M/C in a certain place, and they maybe closest to the problem. If we call for them, and get no response, it will cause Net Control to begin looking for the next closest M/C.

While off the motorcycle, assist the rider in whatever he/she needs.  Remember, a lot of these riders are very accomplished, and prepared for most eventualities.  Only notify Net Control if additional services are required I. E. SAG transport.  Net Control, will then ask you what other services you might need.  Let Net Control guide you.


When we ask where the lead/last riders are, what we don't need is a turn by turn as to where these riders are.  Be concise with your broadcast.  When we need to know the where the lead, and last cyclists are, we will contact the lead M/C, if the lead M/C changes we need to know that right away.

REMEMBER; there will probably be young riders out on the course, they may be riding by themselves.  Keep a special eye out for them.

Whenever possible, use 144.370, CTCSS Tone, 100.0, for routine bike to bike, or bike to, SAG/SAG, to SAG transmissions.  Only use the primary frequency to contact Net Control in case you need to talk to a motorcycle, which is out of range. Remember to speak to other MARC members as you would like to be spoken to, everyone is listening to our communications, be professional.


APRS is a newer adjunctive radio system to the MARC arsenal of communications goodies.  APRS, using a system of repeaters gives an approximate location of an individual APRS system.  When reporting the location of an incident, PLEASE DO NOT rely on the APRS system to report your position exactly.  Do not ask Net Control to locate you by, MY BEACON, as they would have to pick you out of a crowd of call signs.  Instead report any incident, using ham radio, ON THE PRIMARY FREQUENCY.

Thank you so very much for participating in the MARC Charity Events. Your contributions of time, and an expensive vehicle, make the charity dollars worth so very much more.

Remember, a LOT of the participants will say, “without MARC out here taking care of us, I would not be riding this event.”



John Reynolds, W5JFR, President MARC

Ray Davis, KD6FHN, Chairman of the Board

John Edwards, KC6ZOZ

Billy Hall, N6EDY

De Witt Morgan, KM6UK

 dm, 9/2006


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