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- 2006 -  

  • 05/20:  "Tour de Cure" for American Diabetes Association of Los Angeles / Orange Counties 


- 2005 -  

  • 02/13:  SCMA "Sweetheart Ride" 

    < Here > are 5 MARC Members that did the SCMA Sweetheart Ride on February 13th, 2005. They are John N6JCB, Charles KF6TXI, Stephanie (I don't need no #@%! call sign), Ray KD6FHN, Bonnie KD6OFQ.  This was a 150 mile ride that started and finished at the Santa Susana Park in Simi Valley CA. There were coffee and donuts at the start and big, actually huge hot dogs with all the fixings' , chips, cookies, soft drinks and more for the riders and their passengers at the finish.  The weather was overcast, about 65 degrees with out a hint of rain. The ride itself was very good as is most of the rides put on by the SCMA. The route was over narrow, very winding roads, with a stop at the famous Rock Store.  
  • 02/12:  2004 "Ladies of MARC" Meeting 

    Every February the ladies run the MARC Meetings. It is their chance to really shine and show the men how to "do it right" (or so THEY say).  Besides, Bonnie and the other ladies always have a few tricks up their sleeves and some getting even to do. Makes for a light hearted meeting with a lot of laughs.  These are the pictures that Ray took at the February 2005 MARC Meeting.

    < Here > we see Mijo KF6BEB running the meeting and John W5JFR, in the back ground, who is the MARC President and usually runs the meeting.  

    < This picture > is of Holly, granddaughter of Alvin KD6UZM with the door prize she won.  Kay drawing tickets and John W5JFR calling the numbers and checking to make sure whoever claims the prize actually has the winning ticket!  < eh eh eh >

- 2004 -  

  • 05/15:  2004 SoCal ADA "Tour de Cure" Photos 
               Photo:  1 2 3 4 5  
  • 05/08:  MARC 12th Anniversary MeetingGroup Picture   

- 2003 -  

- 2002 - 

- 2001 -  

- 2000 -  

  • 12/09:  Sheron Ames KC6ZSH won the Super Raffle prize a Yaesu FT8100R Dual Band 2M/440 with a detachable head.
  • 11/12:  Love Ride 17:  1  2  3  4  5  
  • 05/13:  MARC 8th Anniversary Meeting
    - De Witt Morgan KM6UK and Ray Davis KD6FHN taking pictures. 
  • The "Magnificent Seven" MARC members who worked the Tierra Bella Century Cycling Classic.  From left to right.
    1. Ray KD6FHN with the white bike with the MARC logo on the side covers.
    2. Mike N6QZT
    3. Jim KC6OAU
    4. DeWitt KM6UK
    5. Mike KE6GYC
    6. David is working on his license
    7. Roger WB1CFQ, the Teirra Bella/MARC Coordinator/Motor One/Team Captain.  

- 1999 -  

- 1998 -  

- 1996 -  

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