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[ Monitoring Frequency ]:  
All "Motor Cycle Mobiles" are encouraged to monitor the MARC Worldwide Simplex Frequency:
  • 144.370 MHz,  PL 100.0  
[ MARC - Southern California ]:  
Every Wednesday at 1930 PST, 440 Net on the Alert Santiago Repeater.  Alert is a "closed, private system" and the ALERT/BARN frequencies ARE NOT to be given out to any non MARC member. The ALERT/BARN System covers most of the areas South from Ridgecrest to the Mexican border, from the Pacific Ocean to North of Las Vegas.  With the linking of the ALERT/BARN Systems, the resulting system now has much better coverage for the Southern CA, Southwestern NV and Western AZ.  

MARC Members visiting Southern CA may use the ALERT/BARN System to contact paid up MARC Members during their visit to Southern CA.  The frequency to use is the Alert Santiago Repeater, 446.900 minus with a PL of 110.9. 

This is still a private closed system and the owners are extending this privilege to us for as long as we, as MARC Members, do not abuse it.  The ALERT/BARN System is monitored about 16 hours a day by some local MARC Members.  

MARC members should contact Ray Davis KD6FHN for frequency information.  
[ MARC - East Coast ]:
The East Coast Chapter is running a Net every Wednesday at 2100 EST on 147.18, the Naugatuck, CT repeater. 

The MARC HF Net is held every Saturday and Sunday morning at 1545 UTC (0745 PST) on 28.340.  If 28.340 is noisy go UP to 28.350, and if that won't work try DOWN at 28.330.  Net Controllers are:  Graham Wright, G4FUJ, Paul Plasters K9PEP, George Rocheleau AC3X and De Witt Morgan KM6UK.

In the Southern California area MARC members can be contacted on the following systems and repeaters.
  • 144.370 - PL 100.0 MARC Simplex
  • 446.900 - PL 110.9 ALERT System
  • 447.540 - PL 100.0 BARN System
  • Condor  - A 220 System that covers most of California and Northern Arizona.  Lots of MARC members monitor this system intermittently.  
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