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During May of each year, the MARC organization celebrates another anniversary of providing volunteer communications at charity events.  There have been lots of changes since the original founders got together and formed the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club (MARC).  
  • Additional MARC chapters have been formed and provide charity communications in their local geographical regions.  
  • New faces continue to been seen at MARC meetings that foster "new blood" and bring new ideas and enthusiasm into our organization.  
  • Advancements in technology have made two-way radios and other electronic devices are smaller, have more features and allow us to expand our range with limited physical space on our motorcycles.  

Each member brings their own views, and their own individual perspective on what they want to contribute and how they want to configure their equipment.  There's no shortage of "bragging rights" when attending a MARC meeting!!  But mainly, after all the meetings at the Lakeview Cafe, and the many hours spent with equipment testing and installations ... each of us remembers why we joined MARC -- to provide communications at various charity events and "give something back" to our local communities!!  

Again, thanks for visiting.  

We like to say, "We can ride our motorcycles, talk on our ham radios and have all that fun while raising money to benefit those less fortunate then ourselves.  It just doesn't get any better than that."  

Our membership spans the world with the majority living in Southern California.  A list of MARC Chapters is provided for your convenience.  We hope you enjoy this web site and find it entertaining and informative.  You are encouraged to visit the MARC Chapter Web Sites which have their own unique style and content.  

We are always looking for articles from our members telling of their travels, adventures and any ham radio or motorcycle experiences.  So please feel free to get involved.  

Again, welcome to MARC.  73s, 

Ray Davis, KD6FHN 
MARC Chairman of the Board  

MARC monthly club meetings are held the 2nd Saturday each month unless as noted in the MARC Newsletter when we hav e a conflicting date for a charity event.   Meetings are held at the Hometown Buffet at 1008 East 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701.  Hometown Buffett opens at 7:30am, the MARC Meeting starts at 8am. (HomeTown Buffet)  [ Details ]

On Other Saturdays:  
Each Saturday morning when there is no club meeting, many members gather at Huntington Honda, 1 block south of Slater on Beach in Huntington Beach, CA at about 9 AM.  [ Details ]
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